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NEWSLETTER #4 - Introduction

We have returned recently from the Maccabi World Union Congress and International Maccabiah Committee Meetings held in Israel.

We were finally together, and like our Australian motto, we were One Team One Dream, seeing the Dream of the upcoming games come alive in all the preparation by Maccabi World Union.

The Maccabiah Games promises rewards for athletes, global Jewry, and tourists alike.

The games are a major sporting event, involving thousands of athletes from all over the globe, however the games themselves are more compressed and challenging than the Olympics.

The Olympics held over a three-week period and have fewer teams.

The Maccabiah games have two weeks and some impressive number of teams resulting for example in Football alone more than two hundred games that must be logistically managed, with referee’s, buses, fields etc.

It is amazing and gets pulled off every 4 years, (5 because of Covid).

The pandemic has not been unique to Maccabi, but it has postponed everything.

We usually have one congress in Israel every year. In a normal four-year cycle, we deal with different issues at each congress, with international travel overall being impossible for the past couple of years the delegates at this year’s congress had a lot to get through in preparation for these games.

It is a definitive all hands to the pump situation and unbelievably, despite the pandemic, because there is so much solidarity among the Jews in this organization, with each other and the state of Israel, this is going to be the biggest Maccabiah we have ever had in history.

It is game on as we enter the final stages of the preparations towards the 21st Maccabiah 2022.

One Team One Dream

Barry, Sam, Giselle, Lauren, and Debbie


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